Happiest Feeling

I don’t remember when, but I’ am very sure it happened. I don’t know who exactly were there, but I’ m very sure my father was there with me, mama, ate and kuya. I know writing is about descriptions, but how can you explain something unfit of your wildest dream? It sounds odd and overrated, but that’s how really is.

That feeling when you want to burst in an instant because you cannot take the intense flow of emotion and suddenly everything seems light and you cannot control your face to simultaneously smile and laugh while trying not to cry which you know will spoil the moment, but still small tears little by little came out of your eyes. That’s the best description I can make to the happiest feeling I didn’t felt before except for this particular and singular moment in my life.
The setting is simple and plain. No over-drama and other Neverland features. We were sitting in the sala of our old house where I remember spending my whole childhood to adolescence. It was probably morning or early afternoon because I can see the sunlight passing through the light-colored curtains of our yellow walls. We were more than ten because there were additional chairs located to each space beside the corner of our couches, which were all taken by faces I can’t remember but I know I’ am familiar.



The climax happened here. My mother was ironing a white shirt which I should never forget was the same color we were all wearing. I know they were talking about something and as I came closer from our kitchen holding a plate full of grapes the topic became clearer. I was wearing my sando and shorts. I sit unconsciously to the nearest chair which is also facing the back of my mother and beside papa. He was with his blue pants and a shirt, and then seconds after I sit down I hear him said to mama “pagplantsa mo din ako”, instantly that gave me an opportunity to strike a comment which for similar chance I don’t usually take. But I took it and made an important decision in my life and release the “cheesiest” pick-up line I can tell to my parents, “bilhan mo na kasi si papa, nagpapabili lang yan!” Boom! The crowd cracked into laughter and suddenly everyone is teasing them which leave my mother the only option and I’m glad she did, to come to my father and pinch him for saying those words in front of us. We were all laughing, I was laughing hard and if that will not be the hardest and loudest, laughter will not be the right term then what else? I felt crying but I didn’t, which I know will only spoil the moment and steal the attention from my parents, but little tears escaped my eyes.



Then, I woke-up.  I really miss my father… just like any other day.


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