Seven Paragraph Love Story



  1. They kissed in front of people they don’t know or probably would not know in their entire life, that’s why they don’t care. Probably, they will never forget the soft feel of her lips brushing his in a shy tentative kiss, how around him and within him, her fragrance swirled, her warmth and softness filling his with wonder.
  2. There was a two young and extremely interesting people who decided to create a relationship with love not yet discovered. The guy, who most of the time imagines himself flying every time a spark of laughter escape his attention. And the girl, who was so beautiful that it took years for him to discover she was not beautiful at all and less interesting. Ironic and that what it is.
  3. The relationship spends some rough experiences while trying to survive what in the first place should not have been there—both of them together. Admittedly, she was probably the something everything in this world would find amusing. Only that she rocked the life of the guy as if a stone bombarded his head hard enough to break it, but actually will not so the pain remains there for some time. So the something is nothing at all.
  4. Freaking but true. Their relationship last for years which the expectation somehow meets reality, but they broke-up like a mother calling her daughter playing from the street of Martial Law because of curfew—you argue you die, you stay you die more.
  5. When they broke-up the girl felt sad and the guy trembled in tears and sooner it became normal and eventually forgotten, but not on days like this.
  6. Believingly, many people see the events in their life as a mix of various events that happened either by coincidence or fate, but a tiny part of our population thinks that there is no coincidence and fate is a result of our choices and actions, and sadly this story is a result of that.
  7. One major account that should not be forgotten in love stories is its sense and sensibility. Both were necessary and one cannot exist without the other. Luckily this story has its sensibility, more importantly every aspect of it has it, but frankly it is senseless and that where it ends.

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