I told You

I told you not to do it. I told you not to feed your curiosity. Not now when you know you’re as vulnerable as the snow dust, so vulnerable it melts the moment it touches anything. I told you to do what is only necessary. You have to understand that doing anything is the best thing to do and not all things you can do will always be the things you must do. You have to retain your calm, understand your limitations and embrace the fact that just like anybody else you can’t face everything in an instant. A fighter study every match and so as you.

Now, you know your mistake and hopefully you will learn from it. Find an alternative, did you forget that most of the time you’re best in doing it? Retain your composure, think and think hard enough to break the emotional barrier that weakens your logic and imagination.  DO not forget this and do it right next time.


Letter to my Future Son

Dear future son,

Please understand that your father is somehow different. I will not force you to brush your teeth after eating the chocolates you tried to hide from your mother. I will sometimes allow you to skip the bath on weekends and will let you watch cartoons till midnight end.

But do also understand that you will see me often enjoying the fun of brushing my teeth. Most weekends you will see me at the yard, looking up the sky, waiting for the rain, and when it comes you will see me playing with your favorite ball. You will feel jealous but that’s the choice you take.

By the way, good luck on your midnight cartoons, we will be far asleep and no one will be there to tell you the white lady behind you.

Your funny dad,
Ban pogi